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Sierra Point Yacht Club
500 Sierra Point Parkway · Brisbane, CA 94005-1896
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Sierra Point Yacht Club Racing Program Latest News


July 17

June 22, 2017

Return from Treasure Island

As you can see winds were light at the beginning of the Treasure Island Race on June 18.  Not to worry, though, it’s summer and this is San Francisco Bay so there was wind even though we had to wait a while and then go looking for it.  The start was actually at about 1:08 instead of noon due to the wind.  It was patchy in places, strong in others, but there was enough and a good time was had by all.  

The rules (everyone read the rules, I’m sure) required a picture be submitted showing the north light of Treasure Island as the boat passed – pretty clear this crew is having a good day.

The race ended up being about 17 n.m. (since we did not begin at the start) and the last boat to finish was at about 5:20.  After the race we had a taco bar at the club so people took advantage of the warm day to relax on the deck and talk about the race into the early evening.  Everybody had a good time – sunny day, warm, a breeze, what’s not to like?

On June 6th we awarded prizes for the first series of five races.  In the first race (PHRF 160 or above) Lackerli was first and No Name second.  In the second race (PHRF 159 or less) Yunona was first with Papoose in second.  Prizes were fabulous new Beer Can Racing t-shirts.

Shirts are available for $20 after the races on Tuesday nights.  Our size selection is limited so if we don’t have it now we will re-order in July to get the one for you.  Let me know what you want!  Note that the one in the picture is a crew shirt; if you are a boat captain there is a different shirt in even more limited supply but those too will be re-ordered in July.  Let me know by July 18 because I’ll order after that.

Racing this year has been good with no cancellations (knock on wood) and good turnout.  Dinner in the club afterwards is always a party.  If you are new to the club this is a great opportunity to volunteer either for the bar (contact Patrick Lydon) or to help with the food (contact Renee Hartig).
Note that there will be no Beer Can Race on July 4th

Quincy Bragg, Race Director


May 22, 2017

To Treasure Island

Yes, the Sierra Point Beer Can Races are going to Treasure Island on Sunday June 18th! After a delicious Sunday Breakfast all captains will meet in the clubhouse at 10:45 for final instructions, then sail out to start racing at noon. The race will start just outside the Brisbane channel, go north, around Treasure Island, and back to finish at the E2 mark finish line. We will have the bar open and light snacks after the race until 6:30 p.m.

All members are invited to join in as well as registered Beer Can racers. If you are not registered for Beer Can Racing just go to the website, read the Sailing Instructions and the special Amendments for this race, and register online. Non-members are welcome too so tell your friends to come along for a fabulous early summer day on the bay! It will be easy: you only have to tack (or gybe) once!

Go to our website, highlight Racing, and click on Treasure Island Race for all the details.

Winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the Beer Can Race on Tuesday June 20th.

If you have questions let me know.


Quincy Bragg, Race Director


April 24, 2017

Let’s Get Serious

Beer Can Racing starts in eight days. The buoys don’t leak. What more can I say?


Quincy Bragg, Race Director


April 13, 2017

Counting Down to the Start

Yes – Beer Can Racing is on the horizon. Just over 2 weeks away! Please send your registrations in before the first race so I can put a roster together in time. You can register online on our website or print the form and fill it in by hand. Don’t wait!
On Sunday April 23rd I will make an introductory presentation at the club for people new to our racing program, or to racing. I’ll talk about our rules, courses, and procedures as well as answer questions you may have about our race program. Starts at 11:30 and should end around 1:00 p.m. so you’ll still have time for a little sailing afterwards. Racing doesn’t have to be intense or stressful – our goal at SPYC is to make it fun. Bring your questions and we’ll make you welcome.
As you can see the Race Committee has tested this year’s prize glasses and found them to be big enough and leak resistant. I used Anchor as that seemed most appropriate. Come along to the races and win one of your own!


Quincy Bragg, Race Director


March 19, 2017

Will you be ready to race?

May 2nd is coming and the SPYC Beer Can Race Committee is gradually getting its act together. The big news is that all the 2017 race documents are now posted on the club website!

You must register this year even if you registered last year. We now have an online registration form – members need to login first then fill out the form, non-members must fill out a preliminary information form, then they can use the online form also. If you prefer, however, you can download a pdf of the form, fill it in, and send it to me.
This year I will be holding a “Beer Can Racing Orientation” presentation on April 23rd from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the club. This is specifically targeted to new racers but everyone is welcome. I’ll review our schedules, rules, courses, and answer any questions people my have. If you are new to the club or just curious about how then racing program works please come and find out all about it!
If you have questions or comments about the Beer Can Races let me know.


Quincy Bragg, Race Director



June 30, 2016

There will be Sierra Point Yacht Club racing next Tuesday


There will be Sierra Point Yacht Club racing next Tuesday.   After an enjoyable long weekend of relaxation and tuning up the boat you will be able to cap the holiday weekend at the races.   Certainly we on the Committee will be there with our big flag.   Should we have a special prize for race boat with the largest flag?  On June 21 Kevin Cerini brought his camera-equipped drone along on the committee boat and followed the starts of each race.   The highlight was whether he could land the drone back on the boat in gusting winds in the mid-teens but all went well and you can see the video Kevin made at (the committee boat is the one with the big flag).


We divide our racing season into three series – the first two series are five races and the third is however many are left.   There were no cancellations this year so the first series concluded on May 31st.   First place winner in the first races series was Outrageous with Lackerli and No Name tied for second.   In the second race Nessie was the winner with Papoose in second.   There was a cancellation on June 14th so we expect the second series to wrap up on July 12.

The summer pattern has settled in after some light winds at the beginning of the season.  Our starts are generally in the teens, it sometimes is windy out in the shipping channel, and we cross our fingers to have winds at the finish in the 8 to 10 knot range.  It makes for a pleasant race with a variety of wind conditions and everybody back well before sunset for dinner.  On a warm evening the club deck is a wonderful place to watch the sunset reflected off the east bay hills.

If you have questions about racing and how you can participate send me an email or give me a call.

Quincy Bragg, Race Director


May 25, 2016

Light Air

Three of our first four races this season have had relatively modest wind.  As May comes to a close we look forward to the summer pattern settling in during June, bringing stronger breezes which allow for longer courses.  Sunset is advancing towards 20:30 so we will have plenty of time for racing.


Light air is just as challenging as heavy air for racing so don’t think it’s easy.  Different tactics and different strategy may be required, more patience certainly, but it’s all good.  The racers coming into the Club afterwards are just as happy as if it had been a heavy evening.


If you haven’t been out to race yet now is the time to start.  The Memorial Day weekend is coming so you’ll have an extra day to get your boat ready to come out on Tuesday for an enjoyable evening of boating and socializing.

Bring your boat to race, or bring yourself to help out (contact me to find out how).

Quincy Bragg, Race Director


April 16, 2016
Beer Can Racing Looms on the Horizon

Only two (2) weeks to go!

Have you registered?  If not please download the form on the racing page, complete it, sign it, and send me a copy – snail mail or e-mail are both good.  I will really appreciate getting your registration in advance.


For those of you wanting to race with us but new to our program I will have an orientation session next Sunday, April 24th, from 11:30 a.m. to about 1:00 p.m.  I’ll describe out program, courses, rules, procedures, and so on.  I will not explain how to operate a sailboat – that’s up to you.


Races will be every Tuesday night through the end of August, first race at 1800.  Afterwards dinner is served in the clubhouse – everyone is invited. 


We always welcome racers from other clubs and marinas, however, once dredging starts in June there will be no extra or overnight berthing available in the marina.  The marina has offered a special rate for Beer Can Racing participants - $10.00 for Tuesday nights in May – that’s five races (does not apply to visitors from Oyster Point or Oyster Cove).  If you know people interested in our racing program from other marinas, such as South Beach or Coyote Point, let them know that at least in May there will be overnight space so they don’t have to slog home after dinner.


I am looking forward to another great season of racing at Sierra Point – hope to see you there!


Quincy Bragg

Race Committee Chairman

March 30, 2016

Beer Can Racing Documents Posted

The 2016 race documents are now posted on the SPYC website!  This includes the Sailing Instructions, course charts, and the registration form.  Please remember that even if you registered in the past you must register again for the current season.
For those of you who are interested in racing but have not done it with us before there will be a race orientation presentation on Sunday April 24th at 11:30 a.m.  I will talk about our rules, courses, and schedule as well as provide suggestions for new racers on starting and rules to observe while racing.  It isn’t complicated and you’ll probably learn some new things about your boat and yourself you didn’t know.

Races are Tuesday nights, first race at 1800.  Afterwards dinner is served in the clubhouse – everyone is welcome.  It’s always fun! If you are not a racer or crew we have numerous opportunities to volunteer and help out – it takes quite a few people to put on each race night and we need committee boat crew, finish line crew, cooks, bartenders, and so on.  Let me know if you would like to know more about helping us out.

We always welcome racers from other clubs and marinas, however, once dredging starts in June there will be no extra or overnight berthing available in the marina.  If you know people interested in our racing program from other marinas let them know that at least in May there will be overnight space in our marina so they don’t have to slog home after dinner.

First race Tuesday May 3rd at 1800 - only 33 days to get your boat and crew ready!

Quincy Bragg
Race Committee Chairman

March 17, 2016
Thinking about

Beer Can Racing Rule Updates for 2016

Since I sent out a first letter about the upcoming Beer Can Race season I have received exactly no (=zero) suggestions for changes or improvements to last year’s rules for the upcoming season.


Based on comments made last year and my review of race results I will eliminate last year’s Instructions part 3.5 which limited the use of spinnakers.  There will be no limitation on spinnakers this year.

If you have other comments or suggestions please let me know a.s.a.p. as I need to post all the documents before April 1.


Only 48 days to get your boat ready – there’s not a moment to be lost!


Quincy Bragg

Race Committee Chairman


March 1, 2016
Starting to think about

Beer Can Racing

SPYC’s racing begins on May 3 and continues every Tuesday night until August 30, a total of 18 dates.  The races are an opportunity for sailing and racing skill improvement regardless of a crew’s skill level as well as an opportunity to socialize with other members and guests.


We are an all-volunteer club so I am looking for help running the program from all members, especially new members.  I am fortunate to have a number of volunteers who come back year after year but there is plenty to do and always room for new participants.  Contact me and we can talk about what needs to be done and how you can participate.


On Sunday April 24th I will present a seminar to introduce our racing program to new racers.  This is a good opportunity for new racers to learn how our program is structured, what our rules and courses are, and to answer any questions.  This year’s rules and courses will be posted on the club’s website no later than April 1.


I have a number of suggestions and comments from racers last year for changes and adjustments to our rules for this season and I will be starting to look at those in the next few weeks.  If you have comments or suggestions you would like to make send me an email and I will respond.


Only about 60 days to get your boat ready, not a moment to be lost!


Quincy Bragg

Race Committee Chairman